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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coming in Hot Tour: Amy Lee Burgess

Hello Readers,
Continuing the Coming in Hot Tour, we have some more yummy information for you. And of course I kidnapped—ahem—I mean coerced (okay, that probably doesn’t sound better) a fellow author in the set to tell us their secrets.
Hey, Amy Lee Burgess, tell us your secrets! Which one of you did I manage to trap this time, and what sexy succulence did you stick in Coming In Hot?

I have no secrets. I am an open book. Ha, never believe anyone who says that! How about – I have lots of secrets. I write books. That’s more like it.
My story in Coming In Hot is called Vital Signs. It features two paranormal paramedics who keep their abilities secret. (I’m sensing a secret pattern here!) Jack Grady can see the dead – but only those ghosts who need their bodies found so they can rest. Rosie D’Angelo can heal with her hands. She’s scared off several of her former partners, and when Jack comes on the scene, tall, dark, handsome, and cracking blonde jokes, she’s determined to keep him at arms’ length. But, of course, he worms his way into her heart.
One night they are at his apartment after a horrible workday – think murdered ghosts and heart attack victims they can’t save – when the lights go out. So Jack lights some candles and throws a couple of steaks under the broiler (he has a gas stove) and Rosie starts realizing just how delicious Jack really is. She – here, wait. I’ll continue this below when I pay my “excerpt toll”.

Was there anywhere naughty your characters did the thing? Was it based off anything you wanted to try? Or are you a sweet lil vanilla?
Well, I’m not a sweet lil vanilla, but Jack and Rosie’s sexcapades were limited to his bedroom in this book. It’s the first in the series, though, so I would bet they are going to get creative. And, hey, Jack did promise some wild tent sex when they went camping together. However, a ghost interrupted those plans, damn it!

If you had unlimited access to Stuart Townsend,  you would do*censored*. (You really think I’m going to kiss and tell? Well, maybe if I had a glass or two of wine, but it is eight o’clock in the morning right now and tea does not make me chatty, it merely paves the way for me to be somewhat civil. Come back at ten tonight with a bottle of wine and we’ll see!)

What is the weirdest experience that ever happened to you? (It can be anything from paranormal encounters to a “I almost died that day!”)
I’ve had lots of weird things happen to me, but since Jack can see ghosts in Vital Signs, I’ll tell you about my ghostly encounter at The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. My ex and I were touring the grounds of this famous, haunted plantation waiting for our ghost tour to begin. We were standing in front of the plantation and looking up at the second floor. This little boy moved the shade and stared out. When he saw us, he waved. We waved back, but I thought his mother ought to make him stop touching the shade since everyone knows you don’t touch any of the furnishings when you are on tours like this.
Our ghost tour began, and I waited to be taken to that room, but it wasn’t on the tour. I asked the guide why and she said that wing was for the B&B guests. She asked me why, and I told her about the little boy and that he must be staying the night. The guide said, no, there were no children staying the night. She made me show her the window and she told me, “Oh, that’s the nursery where two of the poisoned children died. We’ve had several reports of people seeing ghost children in that window, now we can add yours.
Right about now you are thinking – yeah, it was a real kid and the guide was putting you on. I thought maybe that was true until four or five years later when my ex and I were back in St. Francisville (there are lots of plantations in the area to tour and we were big plantation buffs). We were staying at a local B&B and sat with some other guests at breakfast. One of them told the table about how she and her mom had visited The Myrtles the day before. She said they were standing on the front lawn looking up at the house, and a little boy moved aside the shade in one of the second floor rooms and waved at them…

Tell us a secret about yourself. Shhhh, we promise not to share. Right, Readers?
I have never seen Princess Bride. There I said it.

What is the most childish pastime indulgence you have?
Almost every Friday night I call my father and he reads me an old Uncle Wiggly story like he did when I was a kid. And he always ends it with this silly line, “And the bears ate succotash at 7:30!” And we both go off into gales of laughter.  I don’t quite know why that line is so funny since I’m not six anymore, but it still gets me going.

Do you ever consider writing a different genre? Or do you have a pen name you’d be willing to share that writes a different genre?
Every year I set myself a writing challenge and a couple of years ago my challenge was to write a contemporary romance. I’m not a big fan of that genre, although I can be persuaded to read it if the author is good. I ended up writing a novella I sold to one of my publishers, Loose Id. It’s called Top Dog about two gas and oil industry wanna be executives battling for the same management job. Of course they fall in love. And rescue dogs since rescuing abandoned dogs is a passion of mine.

Okay, Readers, I better return this author back to the wild before the authorities catch on. Amy, before you go, you have to pay the toll. Give the readers an excerpt!

Candlelight rendered Jack’s masculine features beautiful. Rosie could have stared at the planes and angles of his face for hours. He stared back at her, seemingly mesmerized. What did she look like by the candle’s glow? She hadn’t bothered with make-up after her shift ended, but she had rebraided her hair. Still, a little lipgloss wouldn’t have killed her. Too late to do anything about it now, though.
And what the hell was she doing worrying about how she looked anyway? Jack was her partner. After tonight, how could he help but cross the line into friendship territory – who could resist him? But she was not about to get moony over him, nor allow him to stare at her as if he found her the most fascinating creature he’d ever seen.
“How long do you think the lights will be out?” She blurted the first thing that came to mind, desperate to defuse the growing sexual tension between them.
He shrugged and took a sip of wine. Offering her a sheepish grin, he said, “I know. Rain, wine, candlelight. I feel like I’ve stumbled onto the set of some romantic comedy.”
“Or the opening scenes of an upscale porn movie,” Rosie said, then froze in horror. Had she said that aloud? What the actual hell!
“And,” she said miserably, “now you see why I don’t date. I am ridiculously socially awkward.”
Jack’s eyes had widened when she mentioned the P word, but now he grinned at her as he set his wine aside.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen an upscale porn movie. Care to make some recommendations?”
Rosie smacked his upper arm with her free hand. Oh God, her face burned. This was hell. What was with her mouth tonight? She set her wine glass on the coffee table. She’d better stop drinking. Apparently red wine made her crazy stupid. “I told you I’m socially clueless. Don’t make it worse. Pretend you never heard what I said.”
“How?” He gaped at her. “It’s every man’s dream to have a beautiful blonde on his sofa talking about porn. I’m honor bound to draw out this conversation as far as we can take it.”
His words held a definite double entendre. God damn. She hastily crossed her arms over her chest. His voice made her nipples hard.
She stole an agonized look at him. Why did Jack have to have such a gorgeous smile? And muscles. All the muscles. Wasn’t he hot beneath that denim jacket?
“Do you really not date?” He leaned closer, his gaze locked to hers. “I find that hard to believe.”

Any last words, before you are free to go? And if a reader wants to track you down themselves, where can they find you?
I hope you guys out there like Vital Signs. I like to think it’s a cross between X-Files and Emergency. (Remember that show? Johnny Gage and Roy Desoto were paramedics for Station 51 in LA?)
I write paranormal romance and erotica. Vampires, dragons, gargoyles, and wolf shifters are my book children. Check out my Amazon Author page https://www.amazon.com/Amy-Lee-Burgess/e/B00AW3XZE8/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1471349874&sr=8-2-ent
You can also find me skulking about Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmyLeeBurgess/

And please email me at amyleeburgess99@gmail.com  Bring wine! We can chat!

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