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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Under the Mask Blog Tour: Monica Corwin

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Hello Readers,

There’s a box set releasing in February you all might be interested in. And of course I kidnapped—ahem—I mean coerced (okay, that probably doesn’t sound better) a fellow author in the set to tell us their secrets. Hey Monica Corwin tell us your secrets! Was there anywhere naughty your characters did the thing? Was it based off anything you wanted to try? Or are you a sweet lil vanilla?

I don’t think anyone in their life could call me a sweet lil vanilla anything. HA. Although as far as vanilla is concerned this story is relatively tame. There is some kinky magic involved…

If you had unlimited access to Benedict Cumerbatch, you would do hehehe I don’t kiss and tell.

What is the weirdest experience that ever happened to you? 
Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt a part of them? Like you’d known them your entire life but never met. I’ve had that happen two times before. Instant magnetic connection. Such a strange feeling when it occurs. I still think about both of them often.

Yes, I certainly have. That's how my husband and I met, actually. Weird, right? Anyhoo, tell us a secret about yourself. Shhhh, we promise not to share. Right, Readers?

I have an obsession, downright obsession, with Revolutionary War History.

Revoluntionary War History? I can't say I'm quite familiar with that. But I do love me some video games, as we all know. Speaking of, what is the most childish pastime indulgence you have?

Probably my need for comfort items. I have a scarf I wear constantly that I feel naked without. And I need a certain Harry Potter blanket to truly be able to relax and read.

I know what you mean. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may sleep with a stuffed tiger. Okay, fine, lately it's a stuffed tiger and a stuffed penguin! They are my wards against evil. Oh, and now that we are on the subject of evil, have I told readers I've been working on writing under a pen name for some horror fiction? Do you ever consider writing a different genre? Or do you have a pen name you’d be willing to share that writes a different genre?

I am delving into Urban Fantasy. Soon my first book that doesn’t contain a single kiss will be released. No sure how I feel about that. If you want to give it a try it’s called Midnight’s Balance.

Okay, Readers, I better return this author back to the wild before the authorities catch on. Monica Corwin, before you go, you have to pay the toll. Give the readers an excerpt!

It was my turn to stare him down. “You want me to go to bed with you in exchange for information?”
I considered it for a second, for the first time in my life I’d have something of use to the pack. But, my good sense won out, and I shook my head pulling my hands away.
He laughed. “No, we’d need privacy, but not for what is obviously on your mind.”
The heat of a blush crept up my neck. I stared into his eyes, he seemed sincere, and genuine. I’d enjoyed spending time with him. “As long as you promise going upstairs will not result in us having sex.”
He leaned in and bit my earlobe gently. “I would never agree to that. But I promise, we won’t have sex until you ask me nicely.”
My eyes closed involuntarily at the caress. The imprint of his teeth remained on my sensitive lobe and I sat an embarrassingly long time awash in the sensations.

Any last words, before you are free to go? And if a reader wants to track you down themselves, where can they find you?
I hope you enjoy the collection!
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